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What are descriptive essays?

Descriptive essays are those which show you things by reading.

Descriptive essays writing

are different from narrative essays because in narrative essays the writer is sharing his/her personal experience and telling a story according to his own point of view but in descriptive essay writing you just don’t have to tell you have to show. In descriptive essay topic you have to describe the person, place, animal or thing by using all five senses like how it looks, how it feels, how it smells, how it tastes and how it sounds. For example if you are writing a descriptive essay assignment on a ‘rose’ flower than you have describe it by using all the senses like how its look, how it smell, how it taste and so on. You can just make a column on a piece of paper of all sense and it will help you to describe the essay topic in a more descriptive manner.

Writing Your Descriptive Essay Topic Creatively:

In Descriptive essay the writer should create a picture of its topic in readers mind. It portrays a person, animal or thing in such a manner that a reader can visualize it. In Descriptive essays the topic is expressed in such a manner that the reader will get lost in its visualization and the reader will stick to the content and going nowhere else. While writing a descriptive Essay assignment the writer should construct the essay in such a manner that it will make sense.

Descriptive essays are comprised of introduction, a statement, explaining all senses and conclusion. The intro of the descriptive essay should be so much attractive that it will create the curiosity in readers mind and make them read it till the end. Well if the writer construct the picture or express the feelings and emotions in such a manner that a reader can feel it than he has done a great job and if he is unable to make the reader visualize the things or the scene properly than he has a lot of work to do!



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