Terms and Conditions

No Publication

EssayShelf.com never re-sells your paper. Our clients who avail our services are the
of what they receive and order. Once the paper is complete and approved by our clients we
delete it from our database.


In case of a refund by client, the paper remains the property of Essay Shelf and will be published online once full amount is refunded.


We trust our clients as much as they trust us! That is why we let them pay in installments, sometimes even after the paper is delivered. However if a client fails to process the remaining amount after receiving complete paper, the company holds the right to publish that paper after sending three reminders, without refunding the paid amount.

No Missed Deadline

We never miss a deadline. However we cannot assure that we will provide your papers on deadline because sometimes they are delivered ahead of time!

Privacy and Confidentiality

We never disclose the personal information of our clients to third parties. No university board could ever identify our clients. EssayShelf.com is private and 100% confidential. The secret of your progress remains reliable in our hands.

Secured Payment Policy

If you make a payment, please be 100% assured that you have used our highly secure payment mode. EssayShelf.com is not a fraud and we do not mean to hassle. We believe in maintaining good reputation amongst our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

At EssayShelf.com we give our clients what they want. Moreover, we have a number
or our clients to avail and every now and then we like to give our clients special discounts to make their dream of getting perfect A in their studies more accessible.