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Assigment 7


Assignment 7 Assignment 7 Question One As a professional attorney on the GFC team, the decision on whether or not to do anything at all would be guided by ethics and morality. Inevitably, action has to be taken to save lives and the future of the country. However, because I owe my loyalty to my employer, it will be prudent not to assume that there are team members aware of the results of the preliminary report. The first step would be to approach each of them individually to establish what they know about the report, albeit at the risk of losing my employment. If it is apparent that they are aware and hiding it for the sake of company profits, I would approach the boss and failure of co-operation from him would lead to approaching the press. This is because there are already measures in place to deal with global warming, which makes it irrational to risk killing 200, 000 annually in Hover-Vehicle accidents even though they will eliminate global warming.
Question Two
My personal ethical philosophy stems from the concept of doing unto others as you would they to you, guided by the biblical teaching of loving one’s neighbor as you love yourself. Therefore, if I had the second ring, the first thing I would think about is what another person would do to me if they had it. Not wishing harm upon myself, I would, therefore, not harm anyone with the ring. The concept of ethics informs on the defense and recommendation of right conduct as opposed to wrong (Vendemiati, 2004). This helps to explain this fictitious situation.
Vendemiati, A. (2004). In the first person: An outline of general ethics. Rome: Urbaniana University Press.