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This paper is outlines my volunteer experience in a preschool, called Kinderland. I worked as a teacher assistant at this child development center which is a privately owned child care facility. My first impression when I visited the school was great. Though it is a child development center, the school has nice buildings and the environment is well maintained and clean. I was also impressed to realise that the school has an official website shown here :< http://www. kinderland-cdc. com/>. This is a sign that the school is keeping pace with changes brought by digital communication technology. I also observed that the center maintains a well manicured garden with beautiful flowers and lawn. This school is multiracial and it caters for children from different backgrounds. Overall, the standards maintained at this center are par excellence and everyone feels welcome to this particular center which is well secured.
I also observed that the classroom level is ideal for the children. The children sit in groups of six and the furniture is arranged in a rectangular fashion such that the teacher can monitor each child at any given time. The teacher mainly uses teaching aids such as charts and pictures and other drawings to explain different things to the children who are still in the early stages of development. The teacher uses the chalk board to illustrate different things to the children. I also observed that the teacher uses different pictures to test the knowledge of the children if they know the symbols shown. The teacher relates well with the students and she is not selective despite the fact that the children come from different races. I was impressed to realise that the teacher knows all the students in her class.
I also observed a lesson where the teacher wanted to test the knowledge of the children if they know different animals. She used picture aids in this lesson where she will lift a picture showing a certain animal. She would then randomly call any student to name the animal. This lesson was very eventful since all the students were excited and eager to participate. The children learnt a lot of things in this lesson and some of them would even describe where the animals shown on the pictures live.
In my own view, I think the teacher is experienced for this job. It is quite challenging for other people to teach early child development classes but I discovered that the teacher greatly enjoyed her work. She interacted in a cordial manner with the students and she spoke to them in a motherly manner. The teacher is well trained to teach children. The words of wisdom I got from the teacher is that teaching profession is a calling where one should put the needs of the student ahead of anything else. The bad part of teaching is when a student is injured during school time since the teacher has the overall responsibility of monitoring all the activities of the children when they are at school. I was inspired by this field work to take teaching as my profession. At times it feels good to be surrounded by happy kids.