Purposes of studying hospitality at johnson & wales university


Purposes of studying hospitality at Johnson & Wales for applying the master’s degree Introduction Hospitality is a course that offers management in positions such as restaurants, resort clubs, lodging, among others. Many colleges in the United States offer this course; however, only a few of them appear at the top in offering the best degrees in the course. Johnson & Wales University is one of the universities ranked top. Johnson and Wales University is a private university. It was founded in 1914, and its enrollment of undergraduates is 9, 703. It has an urban setting, and its calendar is quarter based. Their mission is to empower students to succeed in today’s dynamic world (american-school-search 1). This paper will discuss the importance of studying hospitality at Johnson Wales University for applying master’s degree.
Before applying for a master’s degree, it is a must that one has to go through their undergraduate studies successfully. This means that one has to complete all the years required for a course, and pass with honors before applying for master’. Johnson & Wales University has a Hospitality college known for its outstanding performance, and quality programs (american-school-search 1). This implies that if one gets the chance of studying here it creates a solid basis for one to start the course and continue with it or even specialize in it in the future. The purpose of studying hospitality at this university for applying masters is that it creates a strong ground for the basics one needs in the course. One gets the opportunity to be exposed to the finest lecturers and materials for study.
Another purpose of studying hospitality at Johnson & Wales University, for applying master’s degree is that the school arranges internships for the students, the internship are not limited to the country, but a student can take international internship. Through this, the students get the chance to practice the skills learned and gain more experience through working with people who have gained more experience in the field (american-school-search 1). Through the providence of internships outside the country, the students get a chance to study and meet their colleagues and learn new thing. Through the internships when it come to applying for master’s the student is conversant with the outside world and what to expect when he decides to go ahead with the course at the masters lave. It prepares the student for the future challenges.
Its mission provides another purpose for studying hospitality at the University for applying master’s degree. Their mission is to empower students and ensure that they get a chance of succeeding in today’s world. This implies that they have the student’s welfare in mind, and they are determined to ensure that they succeed. Thus, studying at Johnson University provides on with the confidence of succeeding both in the undergraduate and maters level (american-school-search 1).
The level of student’s satisfaction at the school has been estimated as 72% of the total population. This implies that the majority of students are satisfied by the services provided t the university (american-school-search 1). The students are also not congested in classes. The number of students in a class has been averaged to be 20 students per class (american-school-search 1). This ensures that the students have a close contact with the lecturers; thus, creating a healthy environment for learning.
The purpose of studying hospitality at Johnson & Wales University for applying a master’s degree is that the University offers a lot of positive elements that other Universities do not.
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